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Qurra Ultrasonic Humidifier 13L Mois TANK

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Qurra Ultrasonic Humidifier 13L Mois TANK

・Maximum 850ml/h speed, high-speed humidification
・The maximum emitting range is 22 tatami mats, and mist can be emitted from 4 directions
・99.98% UV sterilization of bacteria lurking in the humidifier
・To supply water, just pour the water from above!
・With casters, you can move easily without lifting or carrying

Model 3R-UHT08WT
Size(Approx) 29×19×51cm
Weight(Approx):Body only 3.72kg
Water tank capacity(Approx) :13L
Emitting method Ultrasonic type
Amount of emission(Approx) 380ml/h、550ml/h、740ml/h、850ml/h
Continuous operating time Maximum 34 hours(Depend on usage and environment)

Power consumption:90W
Emitting range Wooden Japanese style room:13.5 tatami mat Prefabricated Western-style room:22 tatami mat
Operating frequency: 50/60Hz
Rated voltage: AC100V
Warrant 1 year from purchase date

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