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Thermal camera(Stand type)

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Thermal camera(Stand type)

Product: Thermal camera(Stand type)

Model / JAN code:3R-TMC03 / 4589557953893


Environment temperature:16℃〜35℃

Temperature detection time(Approx):1.2〜2 sec


Monitor size:7 inch HD monitor

Camera Definition:1920×1080(2M pixel)

Face scan speed:0.2 sec

Detection distance:50cm〜70cm(recommend 50cm)

Alert temperature: Above 37.5℃(nonadjustable)

Power consumption:3.5W(5V0.7A)

Measuring range:35.1℃~43.0℃


Equipment:340×115×105mm Stand:D=315mm Cable:1800mm(Extend the pipe to the maximum will be 400mm)

Weight(Approx)Body:1190g Whole:8200g

Warrant:1 year from purchase date

Caution: The operating environment temperature of this camera is 16 ° C to 35 ° C. Please note that the body surface temperature cannot be measured accurately when the operating environment temperature is out of range.

3R-TMC03(Stand type)

· Thermal Camera

· Pipe

· Stand

· Band

· Hex wrench (for fixing camera angle)

· Open wrench (for fixing base/pipe)

· AC adaptor

· USB cable

· Simple Scale

· Manual&Warrant