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Realizing what people want in the future and society

The 3R Group is close to our customers and puts the highest priority on providing the products and services that our customers want. Our mission is to proactively respond to what is needed now and in the future. By doing so, we believe that it will be a driving force to invigorate and excite the people all over the world.


Respond to change and continue to challenge

3R Group is a company that started as a manufacturer of PC peripherals, now we sell various products and launch new businesses as a general trading company. Flexible evolution in response to changes in demand and continued expansion into new fields made the current 3R, and that attitude will not change in the future. This is because there is an underlying corporate culture and that is “cannot survive without challenge”.


Act humbly, yet boldly

Always remember to be grateful and have an attitude of learning obediently. On top of that, it is important to act boldly for opportunities. The phrase “I’ll do it because it is ok if I fail” is repeated in the company like a secret word.

Enjoy effort and growth

Continue to improve by 0.1% today than yesterday and tomorrow than today. The effort and hard work required in the process is also taken as a fulfilling pleasure.

Overwhelm rivals with speed

Speed its self is our strong weapon. In 3R, you may be praised for its speed, but it is not enough yet. We will continue to refine our products and services with a sense of speed that other companies cannot beat.