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Ultrasonic cooling fan “Hiyamist”

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Ultrasonic cooling fan “Hiyamist”

In 2021, “Hiyamist” is powered up and newly released!
“Hiyamist” was a big hit item from last winter to summer. We have succeeded in the crowdfunding site Makuake and have made a great achievement.

• Unlike the dry cold air of the cooler, It is with the moist cold mist.
• Achieves -7.7 ℃ (in-house verification) with a cooling effect that uses the heat of vaporization of mist.

• No need to clean the filter because there is no water absorption filter like general cold air fans.
• Equipped with a 55-degree swing function
• Water can be supplied from above as if watering a plant
• Automatic stop function in 8 hours
• Since it operates with USB power supply, it is easy to use it continuously outdoors such as in a car or tent.
• Uses 5 blades with a gentler wind than the 3 blades that are common for handy fans
• The mist spray pattern and air volume can be adjusted and used in combination.

If you switch it on, the mist and cool breeze will let you feel very comfortable and cool!
“Hiyamist” is cooler than a fan and gentler than a cooler. It is sold 2158 units even in the middle of winter.

・ Since the mist is generated by the ultrasonic method, the mist particles spread and become cool.
・ There are three levels of air volume and with a mist spray mode by switching, you can use it according to the scene.
・ Mist is sprayed continuously for 3 hours (when the amount of water is full) and automatically stopped in 8 hours.
・ It is very easy to use because you can supply mist water from above with the “feeling of watering plants”.
-Because it is powered by USB and with a mini size body so it can be used anywhere and very useful for outdoor activities and disasters.

About 153×163×260mm

About 1.2kg

Tank capacity
About 500ml

Input voltage

Input current

USB AC adapter, Micro USB cable(1m), Storage bag

Warranty period
1 year from the date of purchase


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