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INOVA Spring cable USB Type-C to Lightning

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INOVA Spring cable USB Type-C to Lightning



About 1000mm

About 25g

Warranty Period
6 months from the date of purchase

※ Do not disassemble or modify this product.
※ Do not give excessive shock or vibration.
※ Do not use the product when it is wet or with wet hands as there is a risk of electric shock.
※ Please use and store it out of reach of children.
※ Do not use or store the main unit and accessories in a car in the summer, in a hot environment such as a heater or cooking utensil, or in an environment exposed to direct sunlight.
※ Do not use thinner or other organic solvents to clean the main unit.
※ If you feel smoke or a strange odor during use, stop using it immediately.
※ It is recommended to back up the data of connected devices before using this product.
We are not responsible for any data loss or malfunction caused by using this product.
※Do not allow foreign matter such as liquids, metals or flammable materials to enter the connection terminals of this product.
※It does not work charging from Lightning to Type-C.
※USB PD works best when all connected smartphones, cables, and adapters are PD-compatible products.
※Charging is supported from iPhone 5 and later models, but ultra-fast charging is not possible except for PD compatible models.