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SMOLIA smartphone magnifier Smolia PhoneZ

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SMOLIA smartphone magnifier Smolia PhoneZ

・The screen of the smartphone becomes a large screen of about 10 inches, which is about 3 to 4 times larger.
・Easy to prepare in 3 steps! Just stand the foundation, stand the smartphone, stand the screen.
・The tilt of the lens can be changed according to the viewing posture.
・When folded, it is 1.4 cm thin. Because of the thin and light body, you can carry it in your bag.
・This smartphone magnifying glasses can be used in various ways such as reading materials and books and detailed work.

Body size
About 161×247×14mm

Lens size
About 23×12.5cm(10 inches)

About 275g

About 3~4 times

Compatible smartphone size
4.0~6.0 inches

Warranty period
1 month from the date of purchase