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ASSIKE Non-contact thermometer

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ASSIKE Non-contact thermometer

・ It can be measured safely just by bringing the palm of your hand close
・ Since the reaction speed is fast, there is no waiting time.
・ With an alarm function, you can be notified by sound.
・Can be attached to a tripod or wall
・ Can be used with either batteries or a USB power supply

Item No.


Package size
About 90×95×57

About 73g

Measurement mode
・ Body surface temperature
・ Object surface temperature
・ Sensor count

Measuring distance

Measurement accuracy
※34-45 ° C.
Placed at the operating environment temperature for 30 minutes before measurement.

Measurement range

Measurement speed
0.5 seconds

Measurement result memory function
Up to 30 data

Count function
Up to 9,999

Power supply
・USB-C: DC5V/500mA
・AAA alkaline batteries x 3

Measurable number of times
About 9,000 times
* Reference value when using batteries

Continuous operation time
About 48h.
* Reference value when using batteries

Operating environment temperature

Tripod screw hole standard
1/4 inch

USB power cable length
About 95cm